Battery terminals 


Battery Terminal car, maybe you've heard that name before and weren't sure what it was. That's okay, we will explain how the pods work through this article.

Let's start from the beginning.. car battery terminal, and yes, you have understood that it is an element linked to the battery of your car.

We can't talk about terminals without talking about the car battery! So here we go!

Role of terminals on a car battery

A car battery will be used to power various elements of your car such as the electrical elements located in the passenger compartment and the engine compartment.
It will also have the role of starting the car, which will require a lot of energy. While your car is driving, the battery will recharge automatically thanks to the alternator.
To be able to supply all of this with electricity, the battery terminals will have the role of ensuring the flow of current.

Lugs are metal components that are located on top of the car battery, there are two: a positive lug and a negative lug.

The lugs make the connection between the car's electrical harness and the battery.

What types of car battery terminals are there on the market?

There are currently three different types of car battery terminals on the market, the differences lie in the fixing and the way in which the cable is tightened:

  • Metal thimble with side clamp attachment

    Metal battery terminals with lateral clamping are currently the most famous and the most widespread on the market. They are attached to the battery terminals by a nut on a threaded rod.

    The + and - signs are engraved inside the terminals to help you find your way around when mounting on a battery.

    The positive and negative cables are held to the terminals by being bolted or screwed directly to the terminals: the red positive cable connected to the + terminal of the battery and the black negative cable connected to the - terminal battery.

  • Claw Lug

    Claw battery terminals are attached with a wing nut, the claws are used to hold the terminals to the battery terminals. For identification during assembly, the terminal is red for the positive pole and green for the negative pole.

    The wing nut tightening system will connect the positive and negative cable to each battery terminal.

  • Quick release lug

    The last type found on the market are quick-release battery terminals. The tightening of the lugs is done by simply tilting a cover made of insulating plastic. It is red for the positive terminal and blue for the negative terminal.

    The positive and negative cables are fixed to each battery terminal by a screw located at the conductive part of the terminal.

    To facilitate assembly on the battery terminals, the two terminals (+ and -) are distinguished by the color of the cover.

    Now that you know a little more about how terminals work on a car battery.< /p>

You should be aware that a battery terminal can also bethe cause of battery failure. The battery itself is not always the element in question, when your car does not start anymore. The car battery terminals are among the items to be checked.