Complete workshop trolley 

The complete workshop trolley is a must!

Tired of having your workshop poorly organized? So how do you store all your tools? Opt for a complete workshop trolley to store all your equipment! Moreover, to tinker like a pro, you must have a workshop trolley! The complete tool trolley makes your work easier. But how? It's simple, thanks to this product, you can have all your equipment at your fingertips. In addition, the workshop trolley with tools saves you time. Imagine the scene: to maintain your car, you need a screwdriver, a socket, pliers, a bit….! But, you can't find all these tools! What to do then? You must buy new workshop equipment or take your car to a garage! As a result, you waste time. There you have it, the professionally equipped workshop trolley is a must for protecting your tools and optimizing your space. So, do-it-yourselfers or professionals, consider having a complete movable workshop trolley. It's a practical and simple solution to store your tools! Come and discover, online, the wide range of workshop trolleys with professional tools via meca24! Order a complete workshop trolley with 7 drawers from Autobest and benefit from better value for money. Fast delivery and stock available. Opt for a workshop trolley with tools and say goodbye to clutter!

Why opt for a complete workshop trolley?

Organizing your garage can increase your efficiency, help you keep everything in order, and allow you to find your car repair tools (screwdrivers, sockets, etc.) , ratchets, impact wrenches, spark plug wrenches, box wrenches ..) at any time. To furnish your garage and store your tools, meca24 offers a wide range of complete workshop trolleys or with tools.

What is a workshop trolley with tools?

As its name suggests, the complete workshop trolley is equipped with tools unlike the empty workshop trolley. The workshop trolley with tools is essential for every handyman. It helps you keep your tools close at hand without cluttering up your garage. No matter what field you work in, you have to put your tools away so you don't lose them.

How to choose a complete workshop trolley?

If you want to be sure to have everything you need at hand, consider equipping yourself with a complete workshop trolley that includes countless tools. To successfully choose your complete workshop trolley, we recommend that you take these criteria into account:

Number of Drawers

The number of drawers you have in your complete tool trolley is important, you need to make sure that there are not only enough to house all your tools, but that they are large enough to fit to the length of your tools.


The durability of a complete tool trolley is frankly the most important feature. A workshop trolley with tools is an investment that should not be taken lightly. You should pay attention to the material that was used for the manufacture of the workshop trolley. Consider choosing a fully equipped tool trolley, designed with the highest quality materials.

Locking system

One of the main reasons for using a complete tool trolley is to keep your tools safe. For this reason, the tool trolley must have a well-designed locking system. Some tool trolleys have an internal locking system that covers the drawers after closing the top cover, others have a key lock for added security.


Complete metal tool trolleys are often fitted with small casters that allow the user to push the tool box over paved concrete. If you need to move the tool trolley over different terrains, look for larger wheels that are ideal for simple and easy movement. Some rolling tool trolleys have two large wheels, as well as a handle, allowing the user to tip the entire unit.

Price quality ratio

Remember to choose a complete workshop trolley that is sold at the best value for money. Fortunately for you, there are many manufacturers who offer complete workshop trolleys at a good value for money.