Oil syringe 

As important as engine oil, gearbox oil plays an important role. It lubricates the gear trains, bearings and synchronizers. Its main qualities are resistance to pressure and shearing and its power of lubrication. For the automatic gearbox, it is necessary to the drain generally after approximately 70,000 kilometres. For manual gearboxes, the manufacturers claim to provide oil for life. They will however be drained at each operation requiring the removal of the gearbox, during a change of clutch or flywheel for example.

The chrome-bodied oil syringe can hold 0.5l of oil. The Autobest oil syringe has a metal handle. This inexpensive oil syringe is supplied on MECA24 with flexible of 30 cm. The body of the oil syringe made of chromed steel can be opened on both sides for perfect cleaning. The oil syringe is available on MECA24 at an affordable price. Buy safely oil syringe. Buy online oil syringe available everywhere in France.