Drainage pump 

To keep your car running smoothly, you need to change the engine oil. Already, changing the oil in your car is something that should not be overlooked. To carry out this operation like a professional, you can use a drain pump.

What is a sump pump?

The engine oil drain pump is a mechanical device for extracting oil from the crankcase of an engine. Note that there are two kinds of drain pumps: the manual drain pump and the electric drain pump.

What are the different models of oil change pump?

Manual engine oil drain pump:

The hand pump is a simple tool to use and it is equipped with a hand pump and a hand pump and a suction hose. This mechanical device looks like a lawn sprayer. The only drawback is that changing the car oil using a manual drain pump takes more time because the suction intensity of engine oil or liquid is a bit weak.

Electric engine oil drain pump:

Unlike the manual drain pump model, the electric engine oil drain pump allows you to change the engine oil quickly. Already, it has a great extraction power. In short, the electric sump pump is the best solution for those who want to change car oil in a very short time and without breaking the bank.

How to use a drain pump?

The engine oil drain pump is easy to use. But the use of a pump varies depending on whether it is a manual pump or an electric pump. To use an electric pump, just follow these steps:

Push the suction probe into the oil level gauge to the lowest point. Respect the polarizations when connecting to the battery: red +, black -. Place the switch in the on position to start the pump. Once the extraction is finished, change the oil filter if necessary and fill the engine with oil complying with the manufacturer's recommendations. After filling, check the oil level using the dipstick. On the other hand, if you use a manual drain pump, you must follow these steps:

- Empty the bottom of the oil pan using the oil drain plug
- Pump it using a manual suction pump

-Put the used oil in a container so that it can be transported to a recycling center, to be cleaned and reused. Used motor oil never wears out, so why throw it away?

-Attach the drain plug. You can now safely fill the pump using the oil filler opening.

-Attach the oil filler cap and you're done!
-Be sure to replace the drain plug before refilling the pump with oil

Finally, many do-it-yourselfers love changing their own car oil, but they hate slipping under the car and covering their hands in dirty, black oil. What is the solution then? Using a drain pump is the best way to change the oil in your car on your own without breaking the bank.