Cellar vacuum pump 

Cellar drain pump: water lifting tool par excellence!

A flood in a basement or house is a big problem, so you need to react quickly and not let the water stagnate, which could make things worse. But how to evacuate stagnant water?The vacuum cellar pump is the extremely important tool for evacuating water. Via this article, we tell you about this water evacuation device and let you discover the wide range of empty cellar pumps available on our meca24 website. Here's everything you need to know:

What is a cellar drain pump?

An empty cellar pump or water pump is a device used to pump and move water. Many homeowner basements are going to flood at some point. Even if your basement isn't flooded, basement moisture can cause mold and health issues.If you own a home and live in an area prone to excessive snow or excessive precipitation, a cellar pump is essential.

How do I choose the right water pump for my needs?

When shopping for a water pump, there are various things to consider. All water pumps are measured in delivery capacity (GPM), vertical suction lift and maximum lift.

  • Discharge capacity in gpm is the velocity rate of water flow from the source to the point of discharge, measured in gallons per minute. It provides the power to move water quickly.

  • The vertical suction lift is the vertical distance between the water source and the pump. This is important for draining a basement or deep pond.

  • The maximum head elevation is the total height from the water source to the destination or drain point. This provides the power to move water a distance.

Choosing the right OXEO cellar vacuum pump on meca24

Many homeowners can be overwhelmed by the wide variety of sump pumps available on the market without forgetting to try to understand the meaning of technical terms. For this reason, we share with you a brief overview of the wide range of water pumps that are available in different powers on meca24. Note that the OXEO brand offers a wide range of pumps with different motors ranging from 250 watts to the most powerful 900 watts.

OXEO 900 W cellar vacuum pump for dirty water

If you are familiar with OXEO tools, you know that they offer performance and, above all, durability. This is the case of the slurry water emptying cellar pump. This water pump can hold your attention. Why? It has a 900 W motor and can therefore display a flow rate of 14m3 per hour. It passes particles of 50 mm, which allows you to pump in all situations. This device is equipped with a float which allows it to guarantee more autonomy. Its price is still acceptable. So, if you like this tool, visit meca24 and order OXEO 900W dirty water cellar vacuum pump online.
Oxeo 900 W empty cellar pump for laden water