Battery booster 


Battery Booster: Everything You Need to Know

Imagine the scene: you're stuck on the freeway, your car breaks down with a dead battery. You try to start it. But in vain! What to do then? Call a mechanic? In fact, if you have the right equipment and a bit of knowledge, you can fix this problem yourself and jump start your car quickly using a battery booster. For those who are not familiar with the battery booster, let us tell you about this battery starter device via this article.

What is a battery booster?

The car battery booster is an ideal alternative to supply a flat battery with energy in order to restart the car. It usually contains a battery and negative and positive connectors. All you have to do is connect the negative and positive connectors of the power supply to a dead battery. A boost will make your dead battery alive in no time.

What are the different types of boosters?

Lithium Battery Booster:

It looks like lithium battery jump starter technology is likely to replace lead-acid in the not-too-distant future for many car owners. Moreover, the lithium battery booster has several advantages:

Compact: The lithium battery booster is small in size. It doesn't take up too much space in your car. On the other hand, the lead-acid battery jump starters, they are heavy and can weigh more than 20 pounds.

Safe starting: Another advantage of lithium-ion jump starters is that they are equipped with a state-of-the-art microprocessor. They offer a variety of security features that can give you peace of mind when using them.

Powerful: Besides the small size of a lithium-ion battery jump starter, you may be surprised at the performance it can deliver.

Use it anywhere: to jump start a dead battery with jump start cables, there must be a car with a battery in excellent condition next to you. With lithium starter booster, you can be self-sufficient. There is no need to depend on another vehicle or other people.

Multipurpose: Another great reason to invest in a lithium-ion battery jump starter is that it can be used in more ways than one. As mentioned earlier, it can also be used as a portable charger for your gadgets.

Standard Booster:

This is an older model. It is heavier and quite large. This booster is intended for batteries that operate on lead. So, to start a V8 car or truck engine, you should consider a lead-acid battery booster.

How to use a starter booster?

To boost your flat battery safely, follow these steps:

  • Park the car and apply the parking brake. Turn off the air conditioner, radio, and all lights. Open the hood latch and lift the hood to access the battery. A battery can be housed in different places in the car.

  • Check battery cells. If your car battery is dead due to your key losing power or having the lights on, a simple jump will fix the problem. However, if the cause of your dead battery isn't obvious, you may need to top up the battery cells first. Using a screwdriver, lift the cell covers. Look inside the cells to see if the water level is low. There is no fill line in most batteries, but the water should reach the top of the cell. If the water is low, pour water into the battery cells one at a time. Replace all cell covers.

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