Workshop trolley empty 

Having an empty tool trolley is a priority in an auto mechanic garage, especially when work space is limited. That's why at Meca24 we have selected the best empty trolleys for you.

It is essential in a car or motorcycle mechanics workshop to have a tidy and well-organized space, to facilitate access to all the tools necessary for a repair. And for the sake of mobility and ergonomics, the workshop trolleys have been created to make your task even easier, saving you travel time from start to finish. from the garage to pick up an adjustable wrench or an electrical tester, because with a workshop trolley, you can have all the necessary tools for maintenance at your fingertips. Admittedly, there are several models of garage trolleys, which are adapted to specific cases, this is the reason that has led the team of professionals that we are, to provide you with a range of roller cabinet meeting all your needs, just take a look at the products offered and their descriptions to order the ideal storage unit for your garage. Our workshop trolleys are empty or complete, so you can also choose our complete workshop trolleys.

Empty workshop trolley: what is it?

To repair your car like a professional, you will need several essential tools to perform several tasks (car oil change, change of a flat tire and many other mechanical works). It's no wonder then that almost every car enthusiast loves outfitting their garage with a host of must-have tools for performing any kind of auto repair. But there is a small problem: how do you keep all these tools handy and neatly organized? We have the solution for you! Opt for an empty workshop trolley, also called toolless trolley, it is an essential accessory for storing your automotive equipment. It is equipped with empty drawers in which you can store your tools to save time and reduce your stress!

What are the different empty workshop trolley options?

On the market, there are different models of empty workshop trolleys that are essential for storing your tools such asscrewdrivers, sockets, spanners and many others easily and without breaking the bank:

  • Empty workshop trolley with 7 drawers

The 7-Drawer Empty Tool Trolley is an ideal solution for DIYers or professionals who already have their tools, but want to store them so they won't be lost. Thanks to its 7 drawers, this empty workshop trolley is very popular for its large size which allows DIYers to store a large number of tools. In addition, the empty workshop trolley is often equipped with wheels which allow you to move it anywhere easily.

Empty workshop trolley with 6 drawers

The 6-drawer empty workshop trolley is a good automotive tool storage solution. With its 6 drawers, this workshop trolley allows you to store a large number of tools. It will definitely help you to do your car repairs easily and quickly. Remember to choose mobile empty workshop trolley and not fixed to be able to move it anywhere.

Empty workshop trolley with 4 drawers

This Empty Workshop Trolley is smaller than the 7-Drawer Empty Workshop Trolley. It is also lighter. With only 4 drawers, this trolley allows you to store a good number of tools. However, it does not have the same storage capacity as the 7-drawer empty workshop trolley. It's up to you to choose the empty workshop trolley that meets your needs and according to the number of tools you have.

Why opt for an empty workshop trolley?

The autobest empty tool trolley has several advantages:

Autobest empty workshop trolley: Modular system

The autobest empty workshop trolley is a practical and easy-to-use accessory. It is equipped with modules of variable width and height resistant to different hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluids and cleaning products.

Autobest empty workshop trolley: a mobile transport system

Thanks to its removable wheels, the Autobest empty workshop trolley offers quick access to other tools or accessories. You can transport the mobile workshop trolley or only the modules you need for each intervention.