Workshop crane 


All about the workshop crane: what is a workshop crane? What are the types of workshop crane? And why is it important?

Car engine removal is quite a thorough and complex procedure. This is why you will need a workshop crane to change your engine safely.

What is a motorized workshop crane?

An engine lift shop crane is often referred to as a boom lift or engine lift. It is a tool used to remove and install car and truck engines. A motorized workshop crane consists of a solid support structure, most often made of steel or welded aluminum.

Why do you use an engine lifting crane?

The workshop crane is used to lift an engine slightly, so that certain repairs can be carried out.

How to use an engine lifting workshop crane?

Using a motor crane may seem simple. However, there are a few things you need to know to be able to use the tool safely. Below are safety tips you should review before using this lifting tool.

Always use the proper lifting points when attaching the crane to your engine.

Most engines are equipped with a bolted bracket containing a lifting eye. Sometimes it's not always obvious, but you should study your motor before attempting to remove it in order to find this support. You can also take some screws with your hoist as long as they are structural in nature. These typically fit into your engine block and are usually 1/2" or larger in diameter. Make sure you use a shop crane that has enough capacity to lift your engine.

Unfortunately, the weight of your engine is not always published. But you can search on internet forums to check the weight. It's also worth noting that unless you have a very large engine, most lifts should be sufficient, as most are considered far above those needed for an average commuter car or sedan. This only really comes into play when you have a large truck or some other special circumstance that would make your engine particularly heavy. It should also be noted that if you are using any type of engine or chain shop cranes, these must also be tall enough to support your engine.

What are the different types of shop cranes?

Hydraulic workshop cranes for engines:

Hydraulic shop cranes are the most common type. These cranes consist of a set of legs, an upright frame and an adjustable jib with chain and hook. As their name suggests, hydraulic cranes incorporate a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the load.

Hydraulic shop cranes are still the most popular models for a good reason:

  • The lifting rate is faster than most chain cranes, although the process may take a little time

  • Typically less expensive than electric hoists with comparable lifting capacities

  • Easy to use

  • Typically have higher lifting capacities than other styles

Shop chain crane:

The second most popular lifting tool is the chain shop crane. The chain crane uses a gear system and a set of chains to multiply the lifting force. By manually pulling a chain, the gear system is activated and the lifting process begins. This gear system includes sprockets of different sizes and uses its gear ratio to multiply the lifting force applied to the chain by the user. A chain crane has a ratchet or braking system to prevent attached parts from lowering when the chain is not pulled.

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