Hydraulic jack 


Hydraulic jack: everything you need to know about the car lifting jack

Lifting a car is often associated with changing tires, servicing brakes or changing parts on the running gear. To carry out these repairs on your car like a pro and in complete safety, you need to equip yourself with a lifting jack.

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  • How to use a car jack?
  • What are the different types of car lift jacks
  • How to choose a car lifting jack?
  • Why is the hydraulic jack so popular?
  • What are the benefits of a hydraulic jack?
  • How does a hydraulic jack work?
  • Safety advice
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  • What is a hydraulic jack?

    The hydraulic jack uses the principle of PASCAL:

    The increase in pressure in a fluid in a closed environment is distributed evenly in all directions.

    By exerting a slight force on a small piston (that of the jack pump) this gives the larger piston (the jack cylinder) a greater force. By a valve system with flaps, we can then pump with the jack and lift the vehicle.

    Choosing the right type of jack for the job at hand is essential, not only for the safety of the mechanic, but also for the proper maintenance of the vehicle.

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    Every new vehicle sold comes with a jack as a standard tool for changing a wheel. This jack, of the mechanical type, is intended for emergency use, such as changing a punctured wheel.

    This type of jack is not intended for frequent use.

    How to use a car jack?

    As you may have noticed, there is no one way to use a jack as there are many techniques to implement depending on what you are going to use it for.

    However, there may be general tips and protective measures to consider to make lifting your vehicle easy.

    • Visualize the lifting point of your vehicle. Place the jack directly under this point and proceed to climb.
    • Once the vehicle is raised, you must install a safety jack in addition to the jack.

    Different types of car jacks:

    On the market there are different types of car jacks:

    Hydraulic roller jack:

    Do you need a rolling hydraulic jack?


    Meca24 sells a wide range of Autobest brand floor jacks, which allow you to lift heavy loads safely and reliably:

    • The low-slung 2T rolling hydraulic jack,
    • The professional rolling hydraulic jack 3t.

    Some of our hydraulic jacks have a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons.

    Whatever your needs, you will find the hydraulic cylinder you need. Learn more about rolling hydraulic jacks.

    • Autobest

      199,90 €

      3T capacity Steel wheels Approach pedal Lifting from 13cm to 46.5 cm Steel structure Rubber pad Removable lifting bar 2 year warranty

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    • Autobest

      205,90 €

      Approach pedal Rubber pad Steel wheels Lifting handle with foam protection Lifting from 7.5cm to 49.5 cm Quick lifting Weight 32 Kg 2 year warranty

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    • Autobest

      35,90 €

      Capacity of 1. 5t Rear wheel 360° swivel Max. lifting height 33cm Minimum lift height 14cm Transport handle Compact size

      • Autobest

        109,90 €

        Lifting capacity: 2.5 tons Lift height: 16 cm to 1 m Jack dimensions: 23x13.5x123 cm Robust and versatile tool Has a fast approach Weight: approx.12 kg More info File technique Tips for use

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          139,90 €
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          2T capacity Steel wheels Max lift 465 mm Steel structure Removable lifting bar 2 year warranty

          • Autobest

            43,90 €

            Capacity 12 Tons Compact High lifting force Has a handle Minimum height 215 mm Max height 400 mm

            • Autobest

              59,90 €

              20 ton capacity Ideal weight heavy, tractor Max height 44.9 cm Minimum height 24. 4 cm Carrying handle 2 year warranty

              • Autobest

                67,90 €

                Capacity of 1.8T Wheels in steel Carrying handle Lifting 8.5 cm to 37 cm Steel structure Lifting bar with foam protection 2 YEAR WARRANTY

                • Autobest

                  28,90 €

                  Capacity 5 Tonnes Compact Minimum height 19.7 cm Max height 38.2 cm With storage case

                  • Autobest

                    16,50 €

                    Capacity 2 Tons Compact Minimum height 15.8 cm Max height 30.8 cm With storage case