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Mechanical workshop equipment

Garage workshop storage: saving time and money

Are you a mechanic or a handyman? To repair your car or your motorcycle like a pro, you must have many tools: sockets, screws, pliers, spanners, torque wrenches. But having multiple tools in a garage poses a storage problem. How many times have you been unable to find a tool you need to repair your car? And how long did you spend looking for a socket or a screw to find them in the back of the garage? So how do you store your tools to avoid clutter? The solution is simple: to store your car and motorcycle tools, opt for a workshop trolley that allows you to organize all your tools in drawers or modules. You can move it, which allows you to have any accessory always at hand. And there is a wide choice of workshop trolley: empty or complete workshop trolley (with tools), professional workshop trolley, workshop trolley on wheels. The tool box is also perfect for storing your tools. It allows you to store pliers, keys, sockets, bits, screwdrivers. Don't forget the workshop trolley, it is ideal for storing your tools. Go to work, store your tools to optimize space and save time! And as you know, visibility facilitates accessibility

Lifting tools: essential for lifting cars and motorbikes

To work under your car or motorcycle safely and to do repairs and maintenance, you need lifting tools. To lift heavy loads, Meca24 offers a wide range of tools and professional lifting accessories: hydraulic jack, jack stand, hoist, electric winch, workshop crane, lifting column... All these tools are ideal for lifting your vehicle or motorcycle safely and carrying out repairs: changing a tire or extracting an engine or accessing the various mechanical parts of cars to make a diagnosis. Meca24 offers you the various car and motorcycle lifting equipment: fixed lifting tools (lifts) and mobile lifting tools (rolling jack, jack stands, bottle jack). It is up to you to choose the lifting tool best suited to the mechanical repairs you have to carry out.

Car and motorbike repair tools: battery booster, jumper cables, battery chargers

Motorbike starting problems are common, especially in winter. And often the battery is the main culprit. Besides, as you know, when the battery is discharged or dead, your car or motorcycle will not start. But what tools are needed to charge a dead battery? How to charge a dead battery? To avoid unpleasant surprises, Meca24 offers you its battery troubleshooting tools: professional battery booster or starter booster, spark plug wrench, ignition tester, battery terminal. And of course, don't forget the battery charger is an essential tool for charging your dead battery. Remember to equip yourself with jumper cables. Why ? Quite simply, because you can easily start your car with jumper cables also called crocodile clips. And there you have it, all these battery troubleshooting tools allow you to start your car or motorcycle in the event of a breakdown. Browse our Meca24 website and discover a wide range of starter battery boosters and smart battery chargers.

Pneumatic tools

Do you want to change your tires yourself, whether after a puncture or when changing your wheels for the winter? But repairing or changing your tires requires specific tools. So to change or disassemble your wheels yourself and save money, Meca24 offers you pneumatic tools. Remember to have a wheelbrace with extension bar and why not a locking wheel nut socket. It is important to have a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tyres. This operation is very simple and within everyone's reach. And of course, don't forget the vacuum cleaner and the pump, these are invaluable tools that you will need to inflate the tires of your car or motorcycle. And never forget that the yellow vest and gloves are mandatory! Using these pneumatic tools, you can get started in DIY and change or repair your wheels like professionals and in complete safety.

  •   Workshop layout

  •   Specific automotive tools

    • Impact spanner

    • Piston return

    • Brake bleeder

    • Diagnostic tool

    • Clutch tools

    • Valve tool

  •   Pneumatic tools

  •   Oil change and revision tools

    • Oil syringe

    • Spark plug socket

    • Drain spanner

    • Drain plugs

    • Drainage pump

    • Drain plug

  •   Tools for Battery

    • Booster de batterie

    • Battery charger

    • Ignition tester

    • Battery terminals

    • Spark plug spanner

    • Spark plug thread repair

  •   Trailer and accessories

    • Electric winch

    • Jockey wheel

    • Towing bar

    • Trailer socket

    • Hook

    • Towing ball

  •   Equipment

  •   4x4 equipment

    • LED ramp, additional light

    • Lashing strap

    • Pulling straps

    • Lifting 4x4

    • Electric and manual winch

    • Pulleys and shackles

  •   Generic tool

    • Hand spanner

    • Ratchet and socket

    • Pliers

    • Screwdriver

    • Special tips

    • Cartridge gun

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